Mörrums river is famous all over the world for its excellent fishing waters.
This makes it one of Blekinges largest and most visited tourist attractions, with thousands of visitors every year.
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Karlshamn Golf Club in Blekinge. The largest golf course in Blekinge with 36 holes.
The club celebrated its 50th anniversary 2015.
The Old Course is nestled in nature and played at the end Mörrumsåns along the beach.
on the new course you play in a mixed park and forest environment, with lovely views.
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Karlshamns Archipelago

The archipelago off Karlshamn’s coast consists of some 270 scenic islets and islands of various sizes of stone or rock beaches, hardwood groves and meadows.
Joggesö, Ekö, hallö, Östra Bokö and Fölsö are the names of some of the islands.
The largest of the islands are Tärnö.
If you want to visit Tjärö, Joggesö and some other islands you can reach it with a regular service; For example, with the archipelago boat starting from the terminal in the Port of Karlshamn.


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